with Nicole Sellars & Debra K

Host your own show on a streaming platform in 90 days or less.

Imagine Creating Your Own Show & Reaching Millions!

I know you’ve been there. Working day in and day out for a news platform or consistently grinding to create social media content but it isn’t translating to views and dollars. You keep thinking to yourself, if I pay my dues and keep going… it will happen. It has to!


But the good news is… you can create, host and stream your own show in 90 days and monetize your efforts.

TV Host Accelerator Includes

Live Coaching

You receive 12 hours of live VIP coaching with Debra and Nicole keeping you on track. (Value $3,600)

Production Budget Template

Simplifying budget planning, you receive a blank template to "plug and play" show costs (Value $499)

Guaranteed Placement on OTT

We have a partnership with an OTT platform in over 5 million homes. Approved content is placed!

Pitch Kit Workbook

This workbook will provide you everything you need to pitch funders and networks. (Value $795)

6 Training Modules

This self-paced program adapts to your schedule, so you never worry about "missing class" (Value $1200)

OTT & Live Streaming List

To simplify your OTT exploration, you receive a fully vetted list of viable platforms to connect with


Debra K, Founder, Well World TV


Debra K is the EMMY nominated founder of Well World TV. Well World TV is a modern network assisting content creators with placement and distribution.  As a TV host and producer Debra’s credits include an ADDY award, and official selection by the Int’l Film Festival of Manhattan and her most recent show is up for “Best Documentary” by the Miami WebFest. She is currently in pre-production on three TV shows which will premiere in 2022.

Debra is also a high-level business consultant and has helped top wellness brands, including Fortune 250’s excel in marketing, public relations, customer experience, and growth strategy. She will put this business acumen to work for you!

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Nicole Sellars, Founder, TV Hosting Academy


Nicole Sellars, CPC is a working Actress, Host and Certified Professional Coach. She’s been repped by some of the biggest talent agents including A3 Artists Agency and Atlanta Models and Talent. She has worked for big names including MTV, AOL, NBC & NYC-TV.  Sellars has fast tracked hosts from aspiring to working talent with top representation.

Aside from working in TV & Film for two decades as a #1 news market Journalist, Host & Actress, she was a lead instructor at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Sellars prides herself on helping talent not only hone their hosting skills and build their brand and business. She firmly believes Hosts need to be self-sufficient, sharp and a desirable brand to succeed.

Module 1


Before you even think about being on camera and creating your first video, it’s important to understand what the modern landscape of media is offering.  Getting clear is a vital first step in taking charge of your brand and career.

You will learn;

  • How to navigate modern media
  • What the OTT is and which type works for you
  • How to think like a modern producer as you plan your production

Module 2


Creating a successful show takes strategic planning, self reflection and drive. Shows should align with your passion, but also appeal to your ideal audience and funders.  We will share the blueprint to creating your show concept and supporting content.   
You will learn:
  • How to clarify your niche & brand to attract collaborations & sponsorships
  • How to utilize your experience and passion to create your unique story
  • Different types of show formats and genres

Module 3


Everyone want to know… how do I make money doing this?  The good news is, it is possible to monetize your efforts.  We will share the secrets to funding your show so you can write yourself a check.

You will learn 

  • How to build your program so it is valuable to potential funders
  • Over 12 specific ways  to monetize your content
  • From show creators who have successfully funded their shows

Module 4


There is a strategy to creating content viewers can’t wait to watch.  We will share with you exactly how to create a popular, trending and unique streaming show.

You will learn;

  • How to research and define your ideal audience
  • How to strategically choose topics guided by research
  • What is trending in the OTT 

Module 5


On camera confidence is essential when it comes to an in demand host. Whether you are a seasoned or beginner host, we’ll show you how to be your most authentic self through proven on camera techniques and confidence building strategies. Learn how to bring out your *charisma* on camera so you can forget about being perfect and focus on BEING PRESENT!
You will learn:
  • How to talk to “your person” when talking into the lens
  • How to relax and be conversational
  • How to listen and engage during an interview
  • How to read the teleprompter like a pro and use it as a tool not a crutch

Module 6


Now it’s time to produce some killer content! Let’s dive into what you’ll need to make that happen. We’ll cover budget friendly equipment to higher end gear so you can get started right away.

You will learn:
  • What gear is necessary to produce high quality content that meets OTT standards
  • How to set up an in-home studio
  • Personal recommendations from professional hosts and content creators.

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